I’m a bit different than your typical school teacher. More than anything, I’m interested in your experience of a thing. Whether the medium is music, writing, or programming. I’m interested in what you see and hear, what you feel, and what you notice.

I believe that when we are given the space to come into direct contact with a medium and experience it deeply, we can mine our own experiences for the lessons and become our own teachers.

So my job in teaching is to create space for you to have those direct experiences and to ask questions for you to mine your own knowledge.

I regularly teach guqin, writing, and bookbinding, though I invite you to reach out if you have something you would like to learn with me. It would be my pleasure to support your process.

If you’re curious about exploring some of these ideas on your own, a couple books which contributed to my understanding of learning and education are Ivan Illich’s Deschooling Society, and John Holt’s How Children Fail.