Writing Coach

My work with writing groups evolved out of my own desire for a writing community with which to attempt, learn, and grow. I started the San Diego Experimental Writing Group for exactly this reason and soon realized that I really enjoyed designing prompts and creating supportive spaces.

Now I help individuals with words. Whether that’s refining voice and tone, uncovering the emotional core of a narrative, or consulting on marketing and PR.

Damn this is really instructive. I love how you led with talking about yourself without it sounding like a pitch. I was trying to start with compliments in my draft, but I think if I read a bunch of effusive pablum about myself to start with I’d probably be steeling myself to say no to something before I even got to the ask. This elegantly implies that kind of compliment as assumed. It’s like conversational judo. I will take this and see if I can merge it into my own words, thank you so much! 



From September 2023-March 2024 I ran several 8-week long writing workshops with the belief that everyone with access to language can create meaningful art with words. I enjoyed fostering a supportive and welcoming community in which we could learn from the attempt.

My workshops were

  • capped at 6 participants and individually tailored
  • priced affordably to include writers from all financial means
  • held remotely on Zoom with writers from all over the world

Since then I’ve been spending less time in my screen, trying to support creatives in my locale.

If you have a group, whether friends or a team of coworkers, who might like to gather in person and experience this kind of space, please reach out. Custom tailoring to the mood and purposes of the group is my specialty.