Math Tutoring

Offering in-person tutoring in University Heights, San Diego, and remote through Zoom.

I believe math can be taught better. Instead of rote memorization, applying formulas without meaning, or telling students “that’s just how it’s done”, I find that it’s possible to engage students such that they develop a native fluency with their mathematical tools. It’s an amazing thing to inherit the mathematical tools of our species, and I find too many students are shut out because their teachers are unwilling to meet them where they are.

So I offer a safe space for students, whether they are struggling with a class or seeking extracurricular advancement, whether they’re practicing arithmetic, geometry, calculus, or anything in between or beyond.

Contact me at george ạt hoqqanen ɗοt com or using the form below.

My rate is $50/hour for individuals and I also work with small groups for those who wish to make it more affordable.

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I hold a B.S. in Mathematics from Stanford University. I’ve been employed as a software engineer at Google working on Tensorflow and as a mathematical programmer at an artificial intelligence startup where I conducted research into neural networks for unsupervised learning. I’ve been tutoring math for over 20 years, beginning with volunteering to help my peers, and began freelance programming in 2004.