Game Consulting

I help people make games. From the game developer working on a board or video game to the party planner hosting a family reunion to a couple friends waiting for pizza. I ask: what could make this more fun?

If you’re looking to create fun, whether in a more traditional game context, an event, or a friendship, I’m here to help you create environments for play.

If that sounds interesting, please reach out. I’d love to hear from you.

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My background

Most recently I designed and produced a set of AI-powered digital party games for groups of friends to play until they laugh so hard they cry. The project was previously live at

Ten years ago I teamed up with my friend Benjamin to bring a pattern matching board game to the market with Block Party. It was a wild ride. I went to China to see a factory and work on product specifications. We raised money and produced over a thousand copies of the game, hundreds of which we gifted to math education groups.

Around that time I also developed several ambient, meditative puzzle games for mobile phones. I wanted to produce something which gave the player a moment to slow down with their device and find a doorway back into themselves. Some of my writing from the time got published on Gamezebo and is amazingly still alive on the internet.